Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 2 - Monday

But then today is completely opposite of yesterday... chaotic.

Up early with the dogs - they're really going to tear down that fence next door. The new neighbors let their dog out and they don't realize that my "country dogs" think he's in THEIR territory!
Add to the list: talk to the neighbors about reinforcing the fence.

Michael is up for work. He's acting exhausted - probably like me in anticipation of a grueling day. We decide to try to contact his history professor from last year to talk about his final grade. How exactly does a 92 and a 95 + extra credit translate into a B for the semester? The instructor was called away and unable to do the final for a 3rd test score - and neither his email or his voicemail is functioning. ugh. But he does have office hours, so maybe this week sometime Michael can stop by. I know it's getting late for a grade change, but if there's hope....
Add to list: Keep trying to reach Dr. O'Brien.

Michael's day was ghastly:
9-12 - Work in receiving for B & N.
12 - swing by the house for food and books
1-5 - Go to new campus for Spanish and Cultural Geography - he liked the classes but unfortunately, despite the run-through, he got all the way to Slaughter Lane, missing Riverside. He called, I "control-towered him in" to the campus, and he made it in time for class.
5-6 - Fight rush hour traffic and come by the house for more food
6 - 12 - Back to work at B & N until close...around midnight.

I encouraged him to keep working, but I don't think he realized how awful this was going to look.
And, he has to open the store in the morning. Hmmm....I smell burnout. But at least he has no school on Tues or Thurs.

Katie also works today: 10 - 4
She has been up since 7 this morning, working on the computer on anime and You Tube videos.
The Hairspray CD blasted away while she got ready for work. All went well, but she just hung out on the computer for the rest of the evening

Alyssa snoozed until 11. We debated over whether or not to take the Spanish class at the Leander/Cedar Park Fine Arts Academy at 2 p.m. She was worried about it, but she has no problem making friends, and this is only the 2nd class day, so she's not too far behind. Unfortunately, there were only 3 other kids in the class. 2 11 year olds and 1 15 year old boy. The instructor's primary language is Spanish, and her English is very minimal. Alyssa said that the instructor kept turning to the kids for English spelling, grammatical structure, and in the end, Alyssa thought that the instructor learned more English today than she learned Spanish. We'll keep trying until the end of the month...it's paid for. But...not impressed.

So, Alyssa and I had a wonderful afternoon together. We went to the Blue Marble Java in PF, which is owned by a homeschooling family. I met the owner and he told us about the live music they're having on Sunday nights. That will be cool. Alyssa and I laughed and chatted and had fun.

After we got home I talked to Pam about updating the NHEN website and working on our book together. I talked to Julie about her recent robbery, then I went to Weight Watcher. I lost 2.2 lbs.

But just when you think the day is going well....

When I came in from Weight Watchers, I was met at the door by a sobbing Alyssa. "Dad yelled at me" and you're going to be really mad too. She cried onto my shoulder for a bit and then finally confessed. "I have been texting with my friends and the bill came." She didn't have unlimited texting - although she didn't seem to care. She ran up a $300 bill!

Oh my. I stayed calm. She cried and cried. She said that Dad took her phone and she will have to empty her bank acct. to pay for the bill. She said that Dad was going to give her unlimited texting for her birthday next month, but not anymore. She got a little angry, saying that she was the only one on her team without texting... she said that she didn't think we were ever going to give her texting (not sure how that rationalizing works since she was texting away).... a couple of other deflections from the situation.

I explained to her that I was more sad than mad. She was going to cover the cost, and I knew how long it took her to save that much money. I was sad that she just blew off our requests not to text. I was sad that she didn't understand that at the end of the month, we'd all know what had been going on. I was sad that as soon as we work on one particular problem, another one pops up.

We talked some more. She took some Tylenol for a headache. We watched Medium together. She seems bummed...not what I'd call remorseful... but I'd rather understand how she's really feeling than have her fake something she doesn't feel.

Tomorrow is another day. And situations can click along and then change on a dime.

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