Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 1 - Sunday

Our little unschooling email list in Austin asked everyone to write what they did today. They want us to do it all week. Just to give a glimpse. Here's what I sent them for today:

I can do this...

We all slept late, since Alyssa & I went to Houston on Saturday for a cheerleading competition, and Katie worked until midnight last night. Michael, Ron, & I watched the CBS Morning Show and This Week with George Stephanopolus. We record the 2 shows and then we can stop and start it as our own conversations dictate. Katie was in and out of the show, occasionally eavesdropping on our discussions. Discussions about presidential candidates, Pakistan and Benazir Bhutto, the writers strike, the $2500 car, Sir Edmond Hillary.

Alyssa slept until 1 p.m. and then checked in with her friends online. She watched America's Top Model with me. She ran the vacuum downstairs and helped with dinner. She baked some biscuits and made milkshakes for everyone. She watched a lot of tv today, ending with a ridiculous show about Scott Baio...but even that led us to conversations about babies (and how everyone reacted when she was born) and husbands and how they should act, and what she'd like/dislike in a husband.

Katie and I worked on her costume for the Anime convention she's planning to attend in Feb. She helped a little with dinner and got ready for work. She went to work at Barnes & Noble until 10 p.m. She came home and worked on her FanFiction stories until she went to bed.

Michael played a little World of Warcraft and went with Ron to make a practice run to the Riverside campus for ACC classes tomorrow. He was at the Northridge campus in the Fall and didn't really know the route. He listened to music, not sure if he played any guitar up there in his room today, read about the Presidential campaign in Newsweek, and watched the Lonesome Dove prequel series (can't remember the name).

I did some housework, read the newspaper, brushed the dogs, had a little meltdown about the messy state of the kitchen, tried out a new recipe, emailed a few people, and started writing in a blog. Maybe I'll add this!

Well, such is the life in our household with 3 teens, 2 adults, 2 dogs & 2 cats.

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