Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 3 - Tuesday

This was pretty much a "lay-around day".... still in recovery from the shock of the text messaging financial fiasco.

--Michael worked at B & N from 9 - 3 shelving books. He said he got to talk to some interesting people in the store about some of their book choices. Working at a bookstore has been an education in itself. Customers make comments about books that my kids would have never even noticed. Now they have a superficial knowledge of a wide variety of topics and authors.

--Katie & I worked more on her anime costume. I didn't realize she had never cut material with a pattern, so we talked about what the different symbols meant, and she cut away!
She helped with cleaning up the house a little.

--Alyssa helped with lunch, cleaned her room, read a little of her J14 Magazine and went to cheerleading practice. There was a bunch of drama there as 2 of the teams merged for a big upcoming competition. We had a lot of discussion on the way home about a lot of the interactions, potential interactions, and potential reactions that could occur. Conversations like this really diffuse the heat of the moment.

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