Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4 - Wednesday

--Michael was called in to do a few extra hours of work. He cooked lunch for himself (he's a big Philly Cheesteak fan - now that there are easy pkgs to fix).
He had classes at Riverside this afternoon - no mapping problems this time.

--Katie worked at B & N from 11 - 7 today. She and I went to the bank before work and deposited 3 of her checks. She has her main acct, and a 10% untouchable account. Lots of talk about interest on bank accounts, the point of saving early (even if it's just a 10% habit), and what some big ticket items she might like to buy. Ron picked up Katie from work and then brought her home. She read a little fan fiction and went to bed.

--Alyssa was up at 11, fixed herself some breakfast. Today, she pulled out some math she was working on a while back...Key 2 Decimals. She was having a lot of trouble with making change, and now at 13, wants to figure this out.

Alyssa & I went to Tapestry for Hip Hop class....which will probably be the last time for this. She's just not having that much fun with the class and it's an incredibly long drive during rush hour traffic.

Ron picked up Pizza, I dropped Alyssa off after class with him (while he waited for us in the Little Caesar's parking lot), then I went on to Curves.

Ron, Michael, & I watched Commanche Moon while the girls were upstairs on the computers.

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