Friday, November 20, 2009

Pirate Ships, Archaelogy, and Belize!

That's what Michael's future holds for him! We've been looking around for internships for Michael as he's in his Junior year at Texas State University. We considered one in Spain, since he's studied Spanish for years now. That internship was at a large hotel in Barcelona with pay! But how can that even compare that to an opportunity to be in an Indiana Jones adventure of his own! When his Anthropology professor told him they were excavating artifacts from 3 pirate ships off Belize - and it could count for 6 hours of Anthropology courses, there was no stopping him. He found out 3 days before the deadline. Those three days happened to be his heaviest class days. Did that stop him? No way. He picked up the paperwork from the secretary, who tried to be empathizing with the fact that he could probably not get it all completed by Friday. Did he listen? Nope. When she said he'd need references from professors and international health insurance, was he deterred? HA! Did I mention that when we went to Disneyland all he wanted was an Indiana Jones leather hat?? So, start the music for the Indiana Jones theme song....So he raced between classes to drop off paperwork for the professors. He schmoozed with the secretaries emphasizing the fast-approaching deadline. He called home to see what it takes to bump up his regular insurance to international. In between studying for exams, he completed the paperwork. Friday rolled around.....DONE! He got all the paperwork together in time to meet the deadline. He was in!

So that's what Michael's July is going to look like. He'll be going to Belize. He might need to get scuba certification as two of the ships are still submerged. But there's a chance that they're not going to risk having the interns underwater. We'll see.

And we'll keep you posted!

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