Friday, December 2, 2011

New Doors!

If you were reading before, you'd know that our sliding glass door broke on Thanksgiving Day. Glad to see our family tradition of some kind of house-fiasco-always-occurring-on-a-holiday-when-people-are-coming-over, is still intact.

 With three dogs, that back door is vital. It's not just something we were going to postpone until after Christmas.   The roller had somehow broken off and fallen back up into the door. This made it nearly impossible to move. So it was stuck in the open position, or in the closed position... for hours.

So my choice was keep the dogs cooped up in the house all day or let an inordinate number of flies into the house.

Everyone was armed with a flyswatter.

  Luckily, the Loews subcontractor could get to us pretty quickly. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Ron set it up that we'd have a new door by Wednesday.

Sorry about all the glare from the sun. I was using my cell phone because I didn't want to creep out the workman. "Oh don't mind me, I'm just taking pictures of you for my blog!"Ha!

And here's the finished look!  
Who wants tocome over for coffee on my patio??


Reticula said...

Me! I do. Winter is setting in here in the Midwest. A trip south would be most welcome.

Joaniede said...

Me, too! That looks beautiful! I am now wanting a hot house and french doors!

Sue said...

Party On The Patio!!!!!!

I think you should both come over whenever you want!! I'd love it! :)