Thursday, December 1, 2011

Words! Words! Words!

So I made this little word cloud of my entire blog.
A couple of things really jump out at me. The word, "really" and the word "just". I think these are bad writing habits. I noticed it during NaBloPoMo. When I was proofing my posts, I would often have the word "really" twice in one sentence. And then I'd string another sentence just like it right aftward. Yikes! I haven't really had any creative writing or journalism classes. Although I've been a writer, an editor, and a publisher for years. I know what it's supposed to look like. But then when I write from my own point of view, my colloquialisms emerge.  That needs to be cleaned up. 

If you've been reading my blog, I'd imagine you're saying "Thank God!! I have been bugged by this for a long time now!" hahaha. So, I wonder ..."so" is probably another overused word of mine, but it just didn't come up in the

This is what the Wordle Cloud pulled out for just the posts in November. Not that much difference, in my opinion. Still "Just" and "really" getting a waaay higher billing than they should.  So my point in doing this is purely self-discovery. And it's colorful and kind of cool. If you want to see if you have a pattern in your writing, and you're a visual person like me, this might help you too.

Wordle is cool because you can change the shape, colors, orientation of the words, fonts, etc.

*Weird side note: In all I've written about Michael over the years, I'm not seeing his name show up. I see Katie, and Alyssa and Ron, but no Michael. "Brother" is in there somewhere, but... I don't know if it's accurate, or I'm just not mentioning him as much as I think I am.  So, if you do it, let me know if you have words that aren't showing up that you think ought to.


Reticula said...

That's really cool. Really really really cool! I'm going to try it.

I tell my students I hate adverbs. Then I make them go through their papers and take out every "really," "very," "suddenly," "extremely," etc. I'm not so picky in my own blog posts. I'm almost afraid to see how many adverbs I use.

Sue said...

I'm messing with the layout, so it's so freakin huge right now. Hopefully I'll get the under control.

Glad you like the word cloud. You should encourage your student to use it. I was horrified at my number of "really"s lol

Reticula said...

I did one, and it's not using the most common words from my blog. Cards came up as one of the biggest words. Cookies didn't come up at all! It may be pulling words from the front page, but the size of the words can't be related to the number of times they're used in the blog.

Reticula said...

Whoops. Cookie is on there, really tiny.

MLight said...

I really just haven't noticed those in your posts (sorry, I couldn't resist :) ).

I tried a Wordle. "One" is the biggest word. "Son" is much larger than "daughter," but we have twice as many sons as we have daughter. "Students," "college," "engineering," and "school" show where my mind has been lately.

Sue said...

I really think I've been really ok with my overuse of "really". hahahaha!

I like the Wordle thing. I like how flexible it can be too. You can really alter it to do whatever grouping you want.