Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alyssa + Josh + Gracie + Bluebonnets = FABULOUS PHOTOS!

Alyssa and Josh decided to include Gracie in their Engagement photos. At first I was a little skeptical, but these photos just turned out great! 

The photographer, Lisa Shepard, has been a photographer in Austin for a long time. We met with her and fell in love. She was so sweet, and took so much time with us. Josh and Alyssa originally thought they were going to have the pictures taken at Brushy Creek, where they often go fishing.  We played around with different ideas for the photos, but something felt "off." 

Spring brought a good deal of rain to the central Texas area, so this year, the bluebonnets were really great. We've always loved bluebonnet pictures, but only seemed to take them when the kids were all little. At the last minute, Lisa told us she found the perfect hidden-away bluebonnet field in East Austin. We met her at the studio on Lamar and then all went over in caravan. She was armed with treats for the dog, a ladder for some cool shots and we came with a blanket & a picnic basket.  Lisa and her husband, Don, spent nearly 3 hours with us! It's clear that Lisa loves her job as a photographer. She would often look at the viewing area on her camera and say, "Wow! That looks great!" Then she'd see how the setting sun was hitting them, and shout, "Stop! That's perfect! Turn a little to the right! YES!!!"

What could have been an awkward photo session actually turned out pretty fun for everyone involved. Lisa's website is Aimage, and we'd recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer.



Reticula said...

Sue, those are some gorgeous, amazing photos!

Sue said...

I know! Someone mentioned that they'd be perfect for some Texas magazine cover! Probably true. Lovely models, lovely photographer, lovely setting.
Thanks for commenting!