Writing Notes


I'm working on a book! If you know young adults who werehomeschooled, please ask them to take my survey! 

                               Go Directly to the Book Website.

NaBloPoMo - Again!
Want to hear all my reasons why I should NOT do this?? ha!

National Blog Posting Month - NaBloPoMo
30 days = 1 post per day! Lots to write about!

Why Write?
I love to read what others have to say, and I often find myself with some kind of rebuttal or additional comment in my head. So the natural thing for me to do is write it down   

NaBloPoMo Final Thoughts
 More lists from me: a list of what I learned from participating in the month-long challenge of daily blogging and one with a list of questions I have for whoever might read this and be able to help me with answers

Words! Words! Words!
This word cloud through Wordle gives a great visual to what I'm writing about as well as some of my common word choices.

My Photog Blog
One photograph per day to represent what's happening in my big 50th year! THIS explains why I felt like I wrote a blog post about different things, but couldn't find it. I was uploading pics for the PhotogBlog Five-Ohhh!

Pinning Away  Explains a little more about what Pinterest is. I think it's great!

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