Sunday, March 1, 2009


I really love Valentine's Day. But it is barely given a nod at our house. We are too busy planning for the upcoming week of birthdays! And this year is no different!  Mine's first. I had a lovely evening with friends. Low scale. Just the way I like it.

Alyssa's 15th Birthday was a Surprise Party. We enlisted 4 other parents and took 40 teens on a Scavenger Hunt all over Pflugerville! Here are some of the things they had to do:
  • Each group had a digital camera and they were to record everything that happened. (We have TONS of photos - mainly on Alyssa' Facebook page, but I'll probably put them all at PhotoBucket as well.)
  • Each group got a $10 gift card to WalMart. They were given specifics they had to buy - Party Food! Chips, sodas, etc.
  • Each group had a feather boa, 2 obnoxious hats, a sequined Prom dress, an 8 x 10 of Alyssa (so she could be in all the pics with her friends!). Everyone had to take turns wearing/holding these items for the photo. Boys too. (They actually LOVED it!)
Then around town they had to:
  • Go to Cheddar's. Someone in the group had to hold a menu. Someone had to borrow a jacket from a stranger and wear it. Get the hostess in the pic with you.
  • Find a tractor and sit on it. (there was one in front of one of the local restaurants)
  • Shake hands with a stranger.
  • Pump gas for a stranger wearing the prom dress.
  • Go to Popeye's Chicken and do the Chicken dance in the restaurant.
  • Go to McDonald's and buy a small order of French Fries.
  • Find James Bond. (there was a poster in Blockbuster.)
  • Cartwheel in the park.
  • Play with Toys in WalMart.
The drivers all knew how to find these different places/things to do. But so did the kids. They ran around for a couple of hours and then came back to the house for gifts, cake and dancing!

Katie's 18th Birthday was as untraditional as she is! She had a BATMAN PARTY! She gave all her guests ample time to work on. They were all instructed to come as their favorite Batman character.  Katie made her costume and went as Harley Quinn.

They stayed up all night with a Batman marathon. We even found the 60's T.V. series on DVD for a little more humorous versions of the Caped Crusaders! POW!   Kids were coming and going all night with cake and snacks and movies - my poor neighbors!