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My take on the Chick Fil A controversy
‎Lines of cars snaked around the parking lot of the local Chick-Fil-A. Politicians made appearances to show support. They weren't stepping up to say the CEO had a right to his opinion - they were showing support that he was anti-gay. . . My heart sank. I had given Mr. Cathy the benefit of the doubt, and I was wrong. . . . I cannot just hope for the best in people to come through. Not when millions of dollars are being used to fuel hate movements.

Whatcha Drivin?  
Sharing thoughts about what it's like to make the decision that your mom has to give up her car keys, but she doesn't want to do it. 
I was very sensitive to the fact that I didn't want to take my mom's car from her before it was time. I wanted to learn from Mimi's experience.  She and I would talk about "when the time comes that she has to give up the car..." 

Holding On to the Side of the Pool
Looking at some early glimpses of self-doubt and reminiscing about Dad.
He knew I had a tendency to go the easy way, or see if someone or something could rescue me from the obstacle I was facing. Less challenging might feel good at the moment, but overall, it's so unsatisfying.  Stagnating, even. 

Learning to Yield
Seeing how Controllers, Isolators, People Pleasers and Distractors all end up on the road of Life together.
The key is to recognize what your dominant response is, and try to choose your actions with that in mind. Make more conscious decisions instead of "knee jerk" decisions.  Look more compassionately at those with other dominant traits. Everyone is really just trying to cope with the world.

Poor Thanksgiving
Stuck between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is often the forgotten holiday.
This year, Respect the Bird!
So I am going to dedicate this blog to writing about Thanksgiving for the rest of the week.
Black Friday can wait until....FRIDAY!!! No more encroaching!

Why Attack the Messenger? 
Looking at our reactions to those who are protesting about something the rest of us have simply looked the other way about.
I think about my kids' futures. I think about the police ill-equipped to deal with peaceful protestors. I think about how quickly America is to support underdogs in oppressive regimes in OTHER countries, but maybe not when it happens at home.

I'm Right and You're Evil
Polarized political sides often jump to extremes, and sometimes people really are listening to them.
 It is up to us to have conversations with our families about acceptable and unacceptable ways to communicate. We need to be clear about ramifications that come from sitting by quietly when those with opposing views are demonized. No solutions can come from that style of communicating - whether it’s an altercation on the playground or among politicians talking about our economy. 

The Political Texas 2-Step
This year's presidential election shows that Texas has a unique way of getting reaching a conclusion
Texas has a very strange voting process. And, what really surprises me is that I had no idea we had this process! I'm guessing it's because we haven't had a really close race before.

Lisa Heyman
We are so sorry to see New York mom and homeschooling activist die before her time on
These are our memories.
Lisa's passing reminds us again how important "time" with those we love is... how short it can be. Time. It really is all that matters. And an occasional Kvelling among friends.