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The Patterson Family - Summer 2011
When I first started blogging, it was mainly a diary of what was going on with my family. Boxes of pictures that never made it into scrapbooks nagged at me. With the onset of digital pictures - what a relief!  I could suddenly keep track of everything. AND, I could write a little more about it than just a caption under a picture. So this page is dedicated to blog posts about my family and what they've been up to.

Family Updates
Videos, Boxes, and Even a Wedding
Busy Lives 8.17.12                                        
July Update: What? July is OVER?
Thanksgiving: The Patterson Plan
June Update: Summer, the Circus &Space           
New York, New Sailboat, New Beginnings
Family Update - May 2012
March 2012 Family Update
"Friday" Family Update 2/24/12
Friday Family Updates 2/10/12
Friday Family Updates 2/3/12
Friday Family Updates 1/27/12
Christmas Day 2011
Christmas Eve
Friday Family Updates 11.18.11
Father's Day 2011 - The Video
Michael's College Graduation
Mothers Day 2011
New York City - Day 1
New York City - Day 2
New York City - Day 3
New York City - Day 4
Halloween 2010
Thanksgiving 2007
Tasha Update
Leaving Wichita Falls
Articles About Our Family
Grandma's Car                                                              
She Said Yes to the Dress!      
A Long Line of Lake Lovers  
Snapshots and Memories - 1920's
Happy Birthday & R.I.P. Edward Wolfe Faltynowski     
 Alyssa's Graduation from Avenue Five Institute           
 Just A Little Wallowing
 Katie's Graduation from NYFA
Ron's "New" Boat
 Alyssa + Josh + Gracie + Bluebonnets = FABULOUS!
 My Cyber Time Capsule - Five-Ohh!
 Ground Hog Day!
Veterans Day
My Interview
Evolution... of a Room
 Our Piano
Holding On to the Side of the Pool 
Our Happy Thanksgiving Video Card
Halloween 2011
Hurricanes On Multiple Fronts
Nothing is Ever Simple
Sending Michael to College
Citizenship Jay-merican
Dog Stuff

By clicking the pictures below, you can go to just blog posts where I talk about each of them. They just LOVE that so much!!! hahaha!

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