Sunday, July 1, 2007

Leaving Wichita Falls

We slept in a little bit. we were, after all, having record floods in the area. The rain was falling against the windows. Just 5 more mintues, right? But then it was time to leave temporary housing on Sheppard AFB. We dodged a few puddles on the highway leaving town - thanks to "The Flood of '07". 

The water was all the way up on the shoulder near the Falls. It was totally flooded from the parking lot of the Holiday Inn down to the Travel Center, and more clouds were closing in. We were able to glance downtown and saw water as high as 6th Street. We're worried about Backdoor and hope that the rains subside soon.

Once leaving WF, though, it was smooth sailing. Katie and I sang Broadway songs all the way to Dallas! The dogs (and Michael) were happy to see us. Alyssa wanted to take them for a walk, but as soon as she opened the door we had a total domino effect! Pepper darted past Alyssa. Ron grabbed him with one foot. But then Tasha and Hank pressed forward taking out Alyssa AND Ron! Of course, Grandma was trying to explain the dilemma they've been having with managing these dogs - but it was too late! Hilarious, from where I sat!

Much love to all!

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