Monday, July 2, 2007

Dogs and stuff..

We took the animals in for shots and baths - since they're movin' to the City! 

But while we were out shopping, we got some bad news. Tasha tested positive for Heart Worms. Hank and Crookshanks checked out fine. (Oreo stayed back at the house in Thornberry since the new owner's daughter loved him so!) 

Anyway... Tasha. She's going to start hearworm treatment on Thursday, stay at the vet for 3 days, and then we have to keep her confined to a crate for 4 weeks! She's really adjusting well to being in the house at Grandma's. She's never been in the house at all - in the pasture since she was a puppy. But she goes to the door when she "needs to" and seems great, albeit a little large. 

The vet says the risk is minimal, but possible. So, we're a little nervous. 

And the idea of confining this huge 1/2 Great Pyrennees - 1/2 Anatolian to a dog crate seems a little sad...but necessary.

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