Thursday, May 12, 2011

Michael's Graduation

Today, Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas State University!
His degree is Mass Communications - Journalism
with a minor in Anthropology.
We are so proud of him!
He had a wonderful experience at Texas State, even though it started out a little rocky. He was always on the Dean's List, he joined a bunch of clubs, worked on the school newspaper, even hosted his own radio shows on the school's radio station. It was a fantastically successful experience!

Looking on with disbelief!
With Alyssa and Katie
On the Big Screen in the auditorium

Mother's Day 2011

So I always had this vision of Mother's Day... lovely gourmet breakfast, or better, brunch, whipped up by my adoring children.  A few thoughtful gifts.  We all go off to church. Maybe a movie in the afternoon...  :::::screeeeech:::::
It was kind of a fantasy. My kids don't enjoy cooking. Ron doesn't want to go to church. The kids would, but Michael and Katie would be EXTREMELY resistant. So here's how this year played out. And I am one happy Mama.

I made lovely gourmet breakfast food. Some the night before and some that day. Because Ron and the kids have a VERY hard time keeping a secret, the day before MD, they gave me an IPhone. I wondered why all of Ron's co-workers kept showing me their cell phones the night before. We were at a Going Away party on S. Congress for one of the social workers.  Anyway, I was fascinated with what Droids could do, or Smart phones, and all the rest.  I knew I wanted a phone that could get me the internet - and all those illusive Apps that only the fancy phones could have! haha!

So on Saturday, everyone is downstairs. I notice that my phone isn't working.  I don't pay a lot of attention to it. Then I see that the SIM card has been removed. Who did that?? Still, I was planning my gourmet brunch, so I didn't pay attention. Ron was on the phone and suddenly I realized there was a new ring tone in the room. It was coming from the very messy dining room table. It wasn't my ring tone, so I didn't worry much about it. Finally, the kids all yelled, "Mom find that phone!" I was completely confused and realized there was a new IPhone in the bag on the table. For me.  "Happy Mother's Day," I heard Ron's voice say when I pressed the button.  I can be so slow sometimes.

And because everyone has the same disorder of not being to wait when it comes to gifts, Katie gave me her gift of a divinely scented collection of lotions and bath supplies. Lavender and Vanilla - mmmm!

The next day, Grandma came over early and we did have the gourmet brunch spread I wanted.  Ron and Alyssa went out to get roses.  Ron, of course, was called into work, so the rest of us sat around sipping Mimosa's until it was time to go off to the theatre to see "Ann: An Affectionate Portrait of Ann Richards." We had nosebleed seats but we loved the show! Ron was even able to get someone to come in for part of the shift and join us. This will probably be the last Mother's Day with all the kids here, with Michael leaving for Nicaragua and Katie moving to NYC.  So I was very happy with My Day.