Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Snapshots and Memories - 1920's

My dad, his sister, and my grandpa
Going through all of my mom's old pictures, the girls and I are struck by how faded they are becoming. My mom mainly just kept them in boxes, rubbing against each other. Sometimes they were Scotch-taped or even glued to construction paper. I think she had dismantled a scrapbook at some point. We've decided that while we are going to put them in a scrapbook - or two or three - we're also going to scan them so they'll keep longer.  So, I'll try to share them here, every now and then.

The oldest we've found so far is one that I think is of my mom's mom with her brothers and nephew. On the back are the words Mission Beach 1915.  This is the only one like this I have, but I might look through my Aunt Marilyn's things in Dallas. She might have more pictures of my grandma.
Mary Ogan - my mom's mom - she's 15

The next in line are from the 1920's. These are pictures of my dad as a baby and then as a toddler. He was born in 1920 to Cecil and Jessie Howe Wolfe. He had one sister, Barbara Jean - Aunt Bobbie to me. They lived in Pittsburg and Fort Scott, Kansas.

Looking at these pictures, I just try to think about what was going on at the time, what life was like. I know my grandma, Nonnie, used to like to move a lot.
When we visited Fort Scott, we were always driving down some street and my dad would say,
"We lived in that house."
We'd ask, "How many houses did you live in? One on every street?"
"Nearly. Nonnie wanted adventure but didn't want to go far from everyone. So we just house-hopped a lot!"

These 3 are my dad as an infant. 

He was born September 22, 1920, Billy Howe Wolfe. The "Howe" part is from his mother's maiden name. I didn't pursue it, but she had all kinds of paperwork from the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I should trace that - after I get all these photos scanned!!! 

Haircut styles of the past always intrigue me!
And they always come back -
bowl haircuts, Bettie Page bangs, finger waves
The kids think my dad looks like a girl in this photo to the right. They didn't realize how everyone put all babies in dresses and poofy outfits - boy or girl!

Billy probably isn't 2 yet - ~1921
Jessie with Billy 1921

Billy and Little Sister Barbara Jean
Billy ~1921-1924?

This picture makes me laugh! The 2 of them on the running board of that old car.
My dad shouting at whoever is holding the camera. And Aunt Bobbie, just smiling and being good.

Only know that's Grandpa Cecil holding
my dad, who was probably 3
Back on the porch with my Grandpa Cecil

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