Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garden Success!

Here's my first crop of figs! I'm so excited because I just planted this little stick of a plant last year, and now - FRUIT! Now my only task is to get over to the side yard before the birds peck a hole in these!

 My blackberry crop was good this year. Last year the drought wiped them out. I just couldn't water often enough.  This year, much better.

 I kept my bell pepper plant in the greenhouse throughout the winter last year, and had an early crop this year. Now, I'm already on my second wave of peppers - they're smaller though.

The only other plant worth mentioning (my flowers are all pretty dried up) is our lemon tree. At least, Ron keeps telling me that it's a lemon and not a lime tree. He says that they will yellow up in the fall. Ok. This little "tree" has been with us for a long time. We bought it in Wichita Falls in probably 2003. We were forever trying to protect it from the cold up there. One year, all the leaves fell off. And still it came back. This year, it had some sticky black stuff on it from in the greenhouse. I cleaned off each leaf and stem with alcohol. Then suddenly, it had all these tiny little limes growing. Most fell off. But a few stayed. It had a couple of flowering periods, and now, this is what we have! Our biggest success with this little tree - ever!

They grew!

I didn't plant tomatoes this year, for the first time in I don't even know how long! But it's August, and it might be okay to plant some now. For one, temps will start to change a little around here. And there's still a long enough growing season before we have anything close to a freeze around here. And secondly, Gracie isn't here as much. She was quite the digger, so the plants are pretty safe.

I'll keep you posted!

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