Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chakras, Energy, and Emails

I've learning about the Seven Chakras, and this month, I've been learning about the Heart Chakra. Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "Sometimes the Mind knows, and sometimes the Heart knows." I think this is true. But the Heart isn't pushy like the mind. You have to really work to quiet the Mind's chatter and the criticism that is always trying to be heard.  For me, it seems that the Heart won't fight all that. There has to be a conscious choice to listen to what the Heart has to say.

This week, I had a great meeting with a few friends. It's our monthly "Pod" meeting in North Austin. It was great to share how we feel about working with the Heart Chakra, what we've had to work on and where we're seeing shifts.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on
Super Soul Sunday

This week on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, Oprah talked with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. I had seen her TED talk years ago about having a stroke and being conscious for much of the experience. She spoke about how she felt when the left hemisphere of the brain basically went offline for her. She did a great job explaining the functions of both sides of the human brain. It's a VERY interesting TED Talk.  But what brought her to Super Soul Sunday was even better!  She  talked about being aware of the energy you bring into the world how people need to be accountable for the energy they're giving others. She talked about how the world is full of only 2 kinds of people - those who bring energy and those who take it. Most importantly, she talked about how having the stroke gave her a clearer perspective about the chatter of the mind. She spoke of how it is a simple choice to not listen to it, and go in another direction. For instance, if you're angry, stop reminding yourself of the story of how angry you are. She actually said that if you feel angry, wait 90 seconds. If you don't keep reigniting the circuitry for the anger, it will pass.  I think I'm going to watch that all again. It was fascinating!

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