Friday, August 10, 2012

Videos, Boxes, and even a Wedding!

Update Time....

Michael has the most news really. He just completed a camp in Nicaragua for 45 students from all over the country who were excelling in their English studies. His role there is to really help the teachers become more engaged with the students. Lots of that is done through modeling, but it has to stay in balance. He's run into a few who simply disappear or fade out to do other stuff - just letting him do his thing. But that's not really the point.  Anyway, he's done a couple of videos and I think he actually has a You Tube channel devoted to his Vlogs. I know he posts a lot of them there, and then links to them from Facebook.  Michael was really pleased with the success of the camps, so that's great!

He also shared a documentary trailer that he thinks is very good, called Dreaming Nicaragua. If you get the opportunity to see it any local film festivals, please do! He felt like it was accurately telling the story of life in Nicaragua. Here's the trailer:

Katie is sorting through boxes of her clothing - shifting from NYC clothes to LA clothes. We've been checking out the Southern California temperatures and wow! I'm so jealous! 103° here and a balmy 80° there. ahhhh. She's still working at Cinemark and we're all taking advantage of her free movie passes. Thanks, Katie!

Alyssa is still working 3 days per week which leaves her a good amount of time to hang out with Josh. His schedule is to work 24 hours, then be off for 2 days.  Alyssa and Josh have bought more fishing gear and are getting ready to go on a 2-day fishing trip at Lake Texoma, where Ron has promised that HUGE fish are just waiting for them! It will be nice for them to get a break, not have to spend any money - and FISH! (Who knew that Alyssa would love fishing so much, but she does!)

Grandma is still unpacking boxes at her house. Her progress is VERY slow. She's had a few adventures since she's been there. I might get the video camera out so we can record her telling some of these stories. Pretty funny stuff! She's still arguing with me about wanting to drive, and I feel terrible that she can't manage it. I feel even WORSE that she thinks I'm not right in my decision. :::sigh::::

Ron put the ladder on the sailboat so now I can get on and off the boat into the water. I'm thinking I need a fabulous raft or something! He also attached a grill to the back of the boat. I think he's anticipating a lot of success for Josh and Alyssa's fishing trip in mid-August!

I have been back to blogging more. And I really hope I'm not doing it as yet another way to procrastinate! I need to finish up the The Book. Light a couple candles, say a few prayers, that I can get back on track with that. I really want to finish that soon!
My workout/weight loss has been progressing along. I've lost 32 lbs. since I started walking in March.  My diets have changed over time, and currently I'm finding the most success with eliminating starches and sugars. I'm getting to the gym 4-5 days each week, but the weight loss seems more directly related to my food consumption. Surprise, surprise!

Other general family news is that Ron's brother Scott's son, Kelly Todd Copeland got married! It was a small wedding in Greenville Texas.
Hopefully, we'll be heading that way for the reception this weekend!
Don't you love their matching blue shoes?

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