Saturday, August 4, 2012

NaBloPoMo... Again!

So I'm skimming emails and I see my friend Carol is doing the National Blog Posting Month challenge, through again. I followed her into the NaBloPoMo last November and it was great fun writing more. The only goal is that you blog daily. That's it. Carol joined a few more blog challenges in the Spring, but I sat those out. When I saw she was going to join the August NaBloPoMo, I realized that I had already been doing a blogpost for every day of August!

Yeah, yeah, I know... there were only three posts... but I felt like I was on a (very small) roll.  I had shared my Chick-Fil-A mess post at and got a couple of very inspiring responses from readers over there.

So what the heck... I signed up to do it again.

But just to lay it all out there, here are my obstacles:
1.) I need to keep on my workout plan and not use "I have to go blog" as an excuse to skip the gym - which I am doing right now! 
2.) My mom still does not have her car (yes, I should write about how we gave it back to her briefly, then took it back, and now we're embroiled in an argument again about it all. Maybe that will be a later blogpost - perhaps while I'm waiting for her at Mass, since I'll be driving her friend and her tomorrow morning!) 
3.) This should not be #3, but I really really need to be working on my BOOK! I have all the data collected and just need to throw it all together. What's the hold up? idk 
4.) Katie moves away to L.A. next month and I want to spend a lot of time with her. We have a big list of all the Movie classics we want to watch together, but here we both sit, side-by-side on our laptops! 
5.) I promised Katie and Alyssa I'd make a Family Cookbook for them.  Yes, the GoogleDocs has been started, but that's it.
6.) I'm supposed to start writing the Teen section in the upcoming HSC magazine that will be coming out soon. I have 3-4 articles started, but could have them on Stand-by IF I were an organized person! 
7.) I was going to do the 15 minute per day Deepak Chopra 21-day Meditation Challenge and FAILED. The meditations were lovely, but I think I maybe did 6. (this isn't an obstacle, I just felt I should confess.)
8.) Alyssa's getting married next Spring and there are a number of things that still need attention: dress-shopping, caterer-deciding, music-choosing, flower-picking....and I'm sure much much more! 
9.) I'm planning to go to Nicaragua to visit Michael there in November, and I have no passport and no plan. Both need to be remedied. Soon!
10.) I'm still in a struggle with what to do with my life now that I'm not a full-time mom! I could think about graduate school (although my crappy GPA from the early 80's will probably preclude THAT from happening), or redecorating the house (I SOO want a real fireplace here - not to mention a renovated kitchen, living room and bathroom - but I have no money!), or I could just get a job (yes, I have an inactive nursing license, and I do still have the degree - but where would I find the time to WORK?)
So those are my obstacles...or challenges... or distractions... or the things I should be doing INSTEAD of NaBloPoMo.

Oh well... I'm diving in!

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Reticula said...

Whew. Doesn't it feel good to have all of those excuses out of the way? Now you can ignore them and write.

I'm glad you're joining me. Blog on, Sister! :-)