Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving: The Patterson Plan

I could post about so many other things! 
Like the reprehensible actions of the Davis police department on pepper-spraying college kids peacefully demonstrating. 
Or I could post about how my friend's blog was arbitrarily deleted in the middle of NaBloPoMo. (Now it's back but still it makes everyone a little nervous). 
Or I could post about how the homeschooling community often gets derailed with other issues like political candidates or abortion, or feminism. (I mean, really? Do we want to go back to PRE-feminist days??)  
Or I could post about what's it's like to be in "the sandwich" generation - caring for kids AND an elderly parent. 

But I said I'd only talk about Thanksgiving this week. So! That's what I'm going to do!
Respect the Bird!! lol

Here's our plan:

We'll be up early to start the food, per usual. Alyssa will be the only one around to help, so hopefully, she'll be eager to learn (as opposed to eager to sleep-in!)

Katie's flight comes in at 3 p.m., so Alyssa will go to get her. She and Josh will have already eaten at his family's for Round 1 of Thanksgiving. Scott and Pam will have Round 1 in Georgetown with her family.

Michael's new Nicaraguan host family has WiFi at their house! So I'm thinking he might join us for dinner over Skype. :)

This is what Round 2 looks like.  We'll be serving around 4 p.m. - as soon as Katie gets here! :))
(Well, for us, it's still Round 1, but whatever.)

On the Menu:

  Brie En Croute
  Deviled Eggs
  Olives, pickles, celery with CheezWiz :-D
  Cranberry Fizz Coctail
  Hot Toddies
  Sparkling Apple Cider

The Feast!
  Turkey...cooked "in the bag"
  Spiral Ham...from HEB
  Dressing...Pepperidge Farm, not sure what I'll add to it this year.
  Dressing...Cornbread, small amount, since this is what Scott likes
  Mashed Potatoes
  Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows
  Green Bean Casserole
  Quinoa with fruit and nuts
  Ambrosia with coconut and colored marshmallows

The Dessert
  Pumpkin Pie
  Pecan Pie
  Chocolate Pie
  Mincemeat Pie
The Great Pumpkin Cake


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Reticula said...

Hey, I'm going to write about Thanksgiving too. It's my favorite food holiday. Love the turkey! (Just not enough to let it live.)