Monday, November 7, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

Today several of my friends met for lunch at a Junior Forum fundraiser, Christmas at the Caswell House.  I brought my mom, who loves these kinds of events, and so did several of my friends. I'm reminded of the  "Mommy and Me" Events we used to have for Girl Scouts, only the "girl" at the event, was 40-50ish and the mom...well, they'd prefer I just say "older" or "mature." OK. So it struck me as funny when I'd lose track of my mom on one of the floors. I had this urge to say, "I've lost my Mommy!" But I think it would have only been funny to me.  So I tried to refrain. 

The Caswell House is in the center of Austin. It's all decked out in Christmas, inside and out. Each room has all kinds of decorations for us to buy - all part of the fundraiser. They had 2 really cool trees, my pictures didn't turn out, so I'll explain. One was an "Upside Down Tree." Now they have huge 12 foot ceilings at this house. And all the ornaments hang down from the branches, with the widest part happening up at the ceiling and then it tapers down to the point lower into the room. It's just such a great way to show off all the ornaments - they don't get lost in the tree! 

The other tree I loved was a Snowfall Tree. It had TINY little pieces of styrofoam balls - smaller than BB's. The tree continuously sprays them out the top and down over the branches. Then it's all caught in a kind of elastic saucer that spans the bottom of the tree. The styrofoam is then vacuumed up the trunk and shot up against a small upside down saucer that makes it look like snow is falling of the branches. I just loved it!!!

So we shopped for a while and then went upstairs for lunch. It's funny to me how life changes. For years, I went to luncheons like this with the military. Every time we moved, I'd get involved in the Officers' Wives' Club because it was a fast way to meet people. It was just a way of life. Once we moved to Texas, I didn't really do that anymore. Mainly because my kids were a little older and I was really involved in their stuff, carting them from place to place, and I made friends with homeschooling moms more than military moms. 

My mom, on the other hand, really preferred that I do more of this. She LOVED hearing about my going to these luncheons. I think she was always holding out hope that I'd be more "refined" than I apparently am!   So she was thrilled that my friends and I were interested in going to this event - and even MORE thrilled that I invited her to come.  

Clouds rolled in, and even though it was in 70's and quite muggy, at least it was STARTING to look like winter around here.  Christmas at the Caswell House just nudged it along. 

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