Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poor Thanksgiving :(

Don't you kind of feel sad for Thanksgiving? It's a full-fledged holiday, but it's stuck in there between Halloween and Christmas.  A second thought for most people - unless you're hosting the family get together!

But the stores don't care about it at all! People don't spend tons of money on Pilgrim or Native American outfits unlike Halloween. People spend a LOT of money on costumes for their kids - and even their dog! We did!

I saw Christmas decorations already out at Garden Ridge when I was looking for Halloween decor. And last week at Hobby Lobby, when I was gathering items to make wreath for Thanksgiving, I was relegated to two very picked aisles of Fall Holiday items, while the red and green aisles of Christmas were absolutely overpowering.

I keep reading about stores that are going to be open ON Thanksgiving! Those poor workers! I remember in years past, only one store (probably WalMart) would be open for just a few hours in the morning. I knew that, because I always was forgetting some ingredient for the big meal, and I'd have to send Ron or Michael out to grab it quickly. "What? We're out of ground ginger? How can I make the famous sweet potato dish without it?"  Glancing at the clock, we'd make a mad dash to the store. We'd openly chat with the cashiers, thanking them for saving the day for us.

Now, they're probably required to be there just like any other shift!!

Maybe it's a psychological thing. Lots of people have trouble getting along with relatives, and this is just one big old glaring example that you haven't worked out those grudges yet.  Certainly that might be why they all choose to go SHOPPING for said grouchy relatives - instead of actually spending TIME with them on Thanksgiving.

The reality is that once stores got wind that we really were considering shopping for Christmas way early, they were there to appease us.  It wouldn't happen if we didn't go shopping. But we do.

We have an upscale outdoor mall, the Domain,  in Austin. Tonight they lit their chirstmas tea! BEFORE Thanksgiving? Really????

So I am going to dedicate this blog to writing about Thanksgiving for the rest of the week.

Black Friday can wait until....FRIDAY!!! No more encroaching!

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