Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stay in the Moment!

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn over the years. Something great happens and I want to scramble around and make The Whole Experience even better.  It doesn't always work out though.

Today, I was typing away on my laptop at my kitchen table. I kept hearing birds squawking in the backyard. Not the usual morning chirping, but serious bird noises. I kept thinking, "Grackles!" 

But then I looked up. 

Sitting on my porch swing was this huge majestic red-tailed hawk. It was watching me. I stood up, and it turned its head. I have no idea how hawks' minds (or vision) works, but it seemed to want to watch me out of one side of it's head. Maybe it was just scanning for an escape route. 

I should tell you, my backyard is tiny. I mean teeny tiny!  And the neighbors' houses are incredibly close.  Oh, Suburbia! So the idea that a hawk would even BE in my neighborhood never crossed my mind.

But here's the crux of my issue. Instead of just looking at him. Thinking about him. Enjoying his beauty. I got up to go get the camera. He sat still.

No batteries. ugh. 
No SIM card. oh well.

So I scramble through drawers trying to find some decent batteries. 
Then I have to find my glasses because I can't see which way the batteries need to be inserted. 
Then I discover that they are dead batteries...or at least one of them is...or in the wrong way.

So where's my phone? Not the best camera at all, but maybe it would do.

The Hawk is STILL sitting there watching me. Patient. Quiet.

I inch toward the patio door. 

I begin to raise the blinds VERRRRRY SLOWWWWLY.

I glanced away FOR A SECOND! 

And he was gone.

Something about this scenario made me think about all the Moments I've missed because I was busy trying to capture it or make it better or ...something.

I think that needs to change. 

Thank you to My Hawk for that little nudge.

**and these pictures are from Wikipedia - I obviously missed the shot!


MLight said...

That sounds familiar - fitting batteries in and all. I've just gotten to the point where I look and say, "Great photo - it's a shame I'll never get it." :)

It's always interesting to have predatory birds in the yard. We're watching and enjoying them while all the little birds around are thinking: "Sudden death!"

Sue said...

LOL! Exactly!

Deborah in IL said...

I hope you'll get a chance to sit and watch him sometime. Great story! :)

Sue said...

I hope so too, Deb! Thanks for commenting - glad you liked it! :)