Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Morning Poetry

My Haiku 

September morning 
Taking the dogs to the lake
Hope it's not too hot.

A Lune (3-5-3)

Dove season
Truck filled parking lots
Shots fired

But, naturally, I cannot say it all in a 17 syllable Haiku or its shortened Lune version. 
So... here's the rest of it.      

Morning Bustle at the Lake

Dogs excited for "A Walk!"
Gravel crunching beneath my feet
The sun glistens brightly on the water.

A hot air balloon glides by overhead
Swimmers lap across the lake
Fisherman chat between their boats

Women with strollers
Men with headphones
All jogging for health.

Unleashed dogs splash happily at the shoreline
A lone heron perches on the rock.

Birds flutter in the marsh
Dove hunters fire in the distance.

The humidity rises with the sun
Low clouds roll across the sky

Waves lap against the rocks
And around the final bend,
A gentle breeze, at last.

Ron's camera phone doesn't really do any of these justice. It was quite pretty out this morning.

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