Sunday, March 9, 2008

Katie's Party: Costume & Dessert Potluck

Initially, Katie wanted an Anime-themed party. But as her guest list grew, she opened to the idea of any costume. So, the party turned into a Costume and Dessert Potluck Party!

In keeping with her anime theme, Katie wore her pink Ichigo costume that we made for the Ikkicon last month. Pink hair, go-go boots and everything!
She baked a cake, brownies, and we bought a Boston Cream Pie (because it was ACTUALLY Ron's birthday and that's what HE wanted) and a decadent Chocolate Truffle cake. We made a punch with pink lemonade, sprite, and marischino cherries. The others brought candy and apple pie.

Here's how the evening went:
  • Katie Caskey from TexArts arrived. Because there had been a small gap in when the girls saw each other last, she was only told about it earlier that day! She came as "L". Katie's mom, Laura, stayed and chatted with me about Austin in the 80's, homeschooling, and texarts.
  • Laura Derrick brought Jackson, dressed as a tourist, and Sarah, dressed as an 80's Chick. Laura wasn't able to stay.
  • Ron brought pizza - which everyone ate all evening
  • Sky, Rachel, both dressed as Colonial men and Khunya (no costume) arrived
  • No sign of Rick, and Abby wasn't able to make it.
  • Hairspray was on downstairs
  • Dance, Dance Revolution was upstairs
  • Came down for desserts and Monty Python's Holy Grail
  • Katie got a hold of Rick, who said he wasn't able to get a ride, or find his keys...or something (lame) It only bothered Katie for a minute or two, then she was happy with her friends.
  • Kids back upstairs to put You Tube videos on the Big Screen T.V.
  • Danced to a Bollywood song, then shared funny videos they've seen
  • Came back down and blew out cake candles and opened gifts:
    • Jackson & Sarah got Katie a chocolate Godiva bunny and 2 link puzzle chains
    • Rachel gave her an I love Sweeney necklace
    • Sky and Khunya gave her a blue teddy bear, scented nail polish and a beautiful compact mirror
  • Katie Caskey's mom came to take her home
  • Kids went to the park to play hide & seek in the park
  • Laura & John came to pick up the kids
Katie had a great time!!!!

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