Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soul Revolution

I really believe that when you relax, you are so much more open to all the opportunities that await you. Whether you believe it's God or The Universe or I-don't-know-what... it just happens that way. At least for me.

After a couple of stressful weeks, I started this thing at our new church called Soul Revolution. The program asks that you let God speak to you every hour. A stopwatch goes off hourly, just to nudge me. At the time, I just think about....
  • Is what I'm doing the best I can do?
  • Am I open to God talking to me?
  • Am I letting God flow through me to whomever I'm interacting with?
  • I take a deep breath and remind myself to relax.
  • I remind myself that there is a larger plan. And, while I may not know all the pieces of it right now, I know that good awaits.
  • I take a moment and ask God to help my children feel loved, and confident, and totally protected. I know that when they feel these feelings, all their choices will be better and they'll simply be happier. And isn't that what every mom wants?

Somehow that just reassures me to breathe easier and stress level drops noticeably and immediately.

I'm starting to stop listing off all things I want God to do for me and instead, I'm trying to be still enough to hear what suggestions God might have for me.

It's an interesting journey.

Another thing about this is how we came to this.  It's always interesting to me how people are placed in our paths and we may not even KNOW why. Some friends of Alyssa went to this church and mentioned it to us. They're not people we'd necessarily expect to share similar spiritual ideas or philosophies. But still combine these people with a church we had never heard of.... divine intervention. Gateway turned out to be just the kind of church the girls and I needed. Add to that the fact that they were just starting this Soul Revolution program the week we started!! Perfect. Not surprising. :-)

I'm happy. It's different for us. But we like it.

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