Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grandma Visits & Ends Up Hospitalized

Grandma came in this weekend from Dallas to see Katie's show. The next morning, we were running out to Lakeway to take Katie to a class. We had stopped earlier to get coffee and all was well.  Grandma began to complain that her stomach was hurting, so we dropped Katie off and and were going to run over to the nearby Wendy's. Grandma's stomach pain grew more intense. She wasn't able to get out of the car. I started up the highway, thinking we would see some small Emergency Clinic or something. I called 911 to see if they could direct me to one. At that point, Grandma passed out. The 911 operator instructed me to stop driving, pull over, and they were sending an ambulance.  And that's what happened. Firetruck. Police car. Paramedics. Ambulance. All meeting us in the Valero parking lot. They had a hard time reviving her as her blood pressure was so low. She has a terribly low tolerance for pain. It looked like a possible vagal response.

They got her out of the car and into the ambulance. We all raced up the highway to Cedar Park Hospital. By then they had some fluids in her and she was conscious but confused.

Funny story. In the E.R., we had several different nurses. One was a volunteer fireman and ex-Marine. He was big. Early 30's.  Grandma made eye contact with me about him. He continued to talk to us and reach over her to adjust various tubes/wires. So Grandma says, "You have... nice arms." hahaha. We laughed. It spread throughout the E.R. I heard the others at the nurses station tell our nurse, "I don't know if we can ask him to do that...since he has such nice arms!" Then a smaller Asian nurse came in. He walked up very seriously to my mom and said, "So what's wrong with MY arms?? Thanks a lot!"

In the end, she was later diagnosed with ischemic colitis, anemia, mysterious syncopal episodes, and treated with meds and 2 Liters of blood transfusions.

She also has really bad Restless leg syndrome and that flaired up last night. So after multiple meds for that (none of which were really the correct ones...) she was up half the night with hallucinations, restlessness, etc.

But since her acute symptoms with the anemia and the colitis seemed to be resolving, she was discharged to our home this afternoon. She's still a little confused. I'm not sure how long she'll be here. If the confusion is primarily residual from all the meds last night, she'll be better soon. If not, we're looking at moving her down her.

She's 78.

oh yeah, she brought her dogs so I have 4 dogs here too!

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