Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sue's Monthly Update - Month 2

OK, sure I was going to give weekly updates on how it was going. And maybe I will do that down the road a but here's how it's been so far. (also, this wasn't posted back when I wrote it...and now it's time to write another - which will be soon!)

The Food Part
Eating Vegan is not TOO hard in Austin, Texas. Lots of restaurants and grocery stores to help with that. For the first 3 weeks, I did GREAT with it. Then I started to slip. I went out for steak with Ron one night.  It was interesting, because it just wasn't that great. So I thought, ok, no biggie. Now I know.  Then I went to the VegFest with Cydney and Allison.  That was really interesting and I thought I was all inspired. They even have something called Veggytopia, a catering/food delivery company. It's like Meals on Wheels for Vegans! I might put in an order for next week. The orders have to be in by Friday night, and I have missed the last two. But, now that I think about's the menu for this week.
Other food "trip-ups": I went to a potluck. There were lots of vegan options (I even brought some!). But I still found myself putting some of the other foods on my plate. It was like I just didn't want to be deprived or something.  This led to some late night chip-eating. Not non-vegan, but definitely high-fat. Then that was followed by a trip to Dallas for a funeral, some eating out on Lower Greenville, an Irish Wake full of lots of food and alcohol.  Calorically, it was a disaster. I came home and got back on The Plan though. I only had gained a couple of pounds back from that.

Pounds-wise - from the start, I've lost 12 pounds. Sad part is, I lost that in the first 4 weeks. But I'm holding and getting my bearings.

I may hold myself to 80% vegan. Maybe one day a week, if I really feel I want to, I can veer off. But just that one day.

I still have to learn to cook more. And I've had a couple of great recipes on Pinterest, I should try. Here's a link to that Pinterest Board. If you pin Vegan Recipes or ideas, (ESPECIALLY How-To Videos), please follow me for this board and I'll be sure to follow you back. That way, I'll see what you find!  Also, I've had a book recommendation (multiple people really): Appetite for Reduction. It was at the VegFest, and I should have just bought it. But I think I'll get it and see if it will help.

The Exercise Part
This is where I have to brag. I am Kicking A** on this!
I've been walking all the way around the lake (3 miles) with 1 or 2 dogs. Earlier this week, Hank tripped me and you should see the huge bruise on my knee. But I was not daunted! I pressed on!
Initially, I was going to work up to doing the entire lake by summer. I was would walk one stretch of it, then head back. About 45 minutes total. But one day, I just decided to go for it. The dogs kept looking back at me like, "Are you sure? Keep going?" And we did! All 3 miles! Since then, we've ONLY done the entire lake.
And I started back to Water Aerobics. It really helps me stretch out after a walk around the Lake.

1.) 1 skip day per week. MAX
2.) Order this book
3.) Do the Tofu "class" with Cydney
4.) Go to eat Tofu Scramble with HeatherB at Kerbey lane (I ate it at Bouldin Creek last night with will be interesting to see if they're different
5.) Continue the Lake least 4 times per week
6.) Continue the H2O Aerobics - as often as possible
7.) Continue to read the Health conscious articles and share them in the blog updates.

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