Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Plans

T'is the Season, for our family. The season of Birthdays. Check this out:

2/20 - Sue is 47
2/26 - Alyssa is 14
2/28 - Katie is 17
3/08 - Ron is 57
3/22 - Michael is 19


Everytime I look at this, I take a deep breath, as if to brace myself!!

So here's the Plan:

Sue's Birthday - Instead of sitting around passively, wondering if it will be Breakfast in Bed or Dinner of my choice at a local restaurant, I've decided to take another approach. I'm going to host a Dinner Party in my honor!! LOL!
Well, not really "in my honor" so much as just a gift to myself.
When we returned to Austin, it was for a variety of reasons. And one of them was to be part of community that I enjoy. A community that my children could be part of. While I have friends all over the country, I have a few here too. And, asking them to come be with me for my birthday is all I really want.
So, for the Dinner Party - Potluck - with Lisa & Reed Vivatson from Temple, Claire & Matt Hyder, and Laura Derrick & John Pritchett, both couples from Austin.

Alyssa's Birthday - Alyssa wants 2 parties actually. She wants a sleepover with her cheerleading team - that's 20 girls! Go to the movies as a group. Eat pizza, cake and have a chocolate fountain.
After this, she wants to have a "regular" party with homeschoolers she knows. They haven't had a big get together in a while, so this might be fun. She *might* have the girls spend the night and the boys go home at midnight... or some plan like that.

Katie's Birthday - Katie also wants 2 parties. Party #1 would happen on the actual Birthday. She wants to go to the Psychic here in Pflugerville. Theres' a house on the edge of town with a sign that reads 'Palm and Card Reading, $5 or $10'. She has a few friends she'd like to invite to go too. Then afterwards, go out for dessert.
Her 2nd party would be an evening costume party. She wants to invite all her friends who love anime as well as any of them who just love dressing up.

Ron's Birthday - Poor Ron. Katie's party will actually fall on his real birthday. But he's never really been one to care about birthdays. Julie wants everyone to get together for dinner on the Sunday after his birthday, so that's what we'll do. We've already gotten him one of those Digital picture changers - you know the kind? You upload photos and it's a photo frame that rotates the pic's every couple of seconds.

Michael's Birthday - another hard one. He's thinking that he might just like to do a Bar-B-Q in the backyard. He has a few friends through work and outside work and thinks they'll come for free food!

So....that's The Plan.

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