Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sue's Birthday!

My Birthday was wildly successful. I wasn't able to have my usual Breakfast in Bed, because I had to take Michael to a Dr's appt. And, Ron regretted to tell me that the CD's he ordered for me were rerouted to our old address, so they wouldn't make it in time.

But none of that dampened my spirits. I was going to have a birthday party! The first in AT LEAST 20 years!

After much coordination with friends, here's what we ended up eating:

Pork Tenderloin's stuffed with an herb dressing and a Jalapeno Pecan Dressing
Asparagus with Feta Cheese
Broiled Tomatoes with cheese, olive oil and herbs
Spring Mix salad with dried cranberries and nuts
Onion rolls
Ice Cream Cake

The Pork Tenderloins were from Central Market and just needed to be cooked. Lisa, Claire and Laura all brought the rest. Baskin Robbins was in charge of the ice cream cake! YUM.

Now that the Writers' Strike is over, John was back and work. He wasn't able to make it to the party. But Laura did - and brought me a lovely pot of herbs and flowers for the table.

Lisa & Reed arrived with their 3 girls. We quickly fixed them some hot dogs and they raced upstairs to play video games and watch movies. Reed would be leaving soon for India, so I'm really happy that he was able to come.

Claire & Matt arrived - happy to report it only took 30 minutes to cross town in rush hour traffic. We chose to have the dinner ON my birthday, so that meant mid-week rush hour.

We had candles on the table and on the wall sconces. I'm not that crazy about my tiny dining room, but it was cozy and nice. Michael joined us for dinner and we talked about traveling and politics. I know, a tad dangerous,'s MY birthday! Laura explained how the Texas Two Step Caucus works. It was news to most of us. Michael was a little overly enthusiastic about his Pro-Obama campaign, but I'm glad he's involved.

I had told Claire a few weeks ago, that my ideal evening would be one like on The Big Chill. Everyone sitting around a big dining table, chatting, eating and drinking.

I got my birthday wish.

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