Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cheerleading Weekend

This weekend, Alyssa and I traveled to Houston for a Cheerleading competition. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, which is always lovely - free happy hour when we arrive and free breakfast when we leave. This particular hotel was in the Galleria area, big trees around tall buildings and quaint restaurants. In spite of that, Alyssa and swung by Sonic on our way into town. That way she'd have more fun "hanging out" with her friends. And that is of primary importance these days.

We headed over to Reliant Arena for the competition and I sat with the other ACF parents. Some of these parents are really "into" it. They make notes about the other teams performances - some even videotaped our top competition. We all cheered for the younger girl team who competed earlier. Lots of screaming and cheering. The coaches even turned to the parents to encourage us to be even louder - if that's possible.

Alyssa's team, Junior Level 1, competed and did a great job. They were awarded 1st Place and Best Choreography. We were awarded one of the Most Spirited Parents plaques too!

We stayed to cheer for another ACF team at 1:30 and the coaches seemed really pleased to see Alyssa there. Afterwards, we bought a DVD of her performance and then we left for home.

Alyssa is much chattier in the car on longer rides like this, so I like them. I find out a lot more about the dramas that are playing out in her life. Sometimes I add suggestions and sometimes I just listen.

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