Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 8 - Sunday...just couldn't stop at 7!

-Slept until 10.
-Fixed breakfast.
-Read World of Warcraft book
-Went to work from 12-7
- Met us at Blue Marble Java for live performance
- Did homework
- watched a little T.V.

- up by 10
- hung out with friends and left for Austin by noon.
- Stopped at a great snack place with a huge Slushee selection. Learned the hard way that all the great flavors you like COMBINED into one, only tastes good while the frozen layers stay separate.
- Went to friends' house to drop them off and discussed the stage production with their parents
- Watched a little of the Abbreviated Shakespeare on DVD
- Came home, ate a little, read Fan Fiction
- Went to Blue Marble Java for Betty Soo concert
- came home and looked online for more components of her anime costume
- slept until 11
- did laundry
- watched American Top Model, just a quick email check. Seems like she self-pacing a little to avoid drama.
- watched football with Ron
- had a steamer and a chocolate chip cookie at Blue Marble. Really liked the performer and talked me into getting the CD
- looked through the bookcases and decided she'd start reading Stuart Little this week.
- watched TV and went to bed

Well, I think that's it. It really is kind of weird to write it all down. And doing several days in a row reminds me the piles of pictures I have that need to be put into a scrapbook - it's harder when you wait. But our little online unschooling group recorded our "days in the life of..." be they mundane or exciting. Just real life.

Goodnight & thanks for reading!

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