Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 7 - Saturday


- no work!
- Went to the ACC bookstore and returned books from last semester and this semester.
- went to the bank and deposited his paycheck and the book sale $$
- Went to Lake Travis and checked on the sailboat with Alyssa & Ron. Scrubbed the deck/cabin
- Went to the Austin Boat Show. (Found a boat he wants to live on - JUST $130,000 for the least expensive one!)
- Picked up pizza on the way home
- Did laundry and ACC homework

- packed car for road trip
- showered and got ready for TexArts class
- Sue drove Katie to TexArts at UT
- Picked up Katie and went to friends' house to pick up 3 other teens for a Dallas Road Trip
- Sang in car, stopped for snacks, constant talking in anticipation of the big show - comparing shows/actors/ singing
- Went to Grandma's house in Dallas, dropped off stuff, ate pizza & salad, got ready for show
- Went to the Majestic downtown to see the stage version of Sweeney Todd. The 4 teens managed on their own (I didn't have an extra $60 for a ticket - and they really liked being "on their own")
- Went out to Chili's for dessert. Discussed show, compared it to the movie - very different. Explained some of this to the waiter, who was quite interested in what they were doing.
- Came back to Grandma's. Sang along to the soundtrack. Stayed up chatting with each other until 3 a.m.

- slept until 10:30.
- started laundry.
- quick email check to see leftovers from last night's drama. Everyone apologized.
- went to boat show - she wanted the $400,000 boat!
- ate pizza with Mike and Ron
- watched T.V.,. checked email

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