Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 5 - Thursday

--Michael got up early for work - 7A-2P He came home and fixed his lunch. He and I talked about his classes, and looked online at some of the future classes at Texas State in Anthropology. There's an internship in Peru through ACC this summer that he'd like to go to. Not sure if that can fit into the schedule though!

Michael, Alyssa and I talked about boyfriends/girlfrie nds/dating in general. Lots of laughs.
Alyssa has lots of boys that like her, but she's not interested in them. Michael, OTOH, had his heart broken when he was about 16 and hasn't tried again. He now thinks dating is too much effort and wonders if he's too lazy to ever get a girlfriend. Plus, he REALLY wants to travel and doesn't want anyone to distract him from that. And, he's trying to save money, and doesn't want to have to spend $ on a girl. We talk about when he meets someone that he *really* likes, he might readjust his ideas... or not. We talk about the people we know who have done internet dating - he thinks that might be his approach later... (hopefully MUCH later!)
Michael and Alyssa got along really well today and he drove her to cheerleading practice. He then went over to ACC to try to talk to his professors about his grades.
Michael spent the evening watching Season One of the West Wing. He loves that show and got the boxed set for Christmas. We have lots of conversations after (and during!) the various episodes. He thinks that growing up watching West Wing helped him with some of his college classes, and now that he's completed some Political Science classes, some of these topics are making more sense to him.

--Katie spent the day reading fan fiction. She's feeling like her own work isn't as good as much of what she reads. She just started a new Manga book....something different... can't remember the name. She and I drove to Tapestry for Tap class and talked about what she expects out of the upcoming Anime convention. TexArts classes start Saturday and we talked about how that will fit schedule-wise with our trip to Dallas. We're going to see the live show of Sweeney Todd at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas. We're picking up a few of her friends. They all saved up their money to pay for the $60 tickets!

-- Alyssa & I totally forgot her orthodontist appt at 8:30. So they rescheduled it to 11 and we made it. We talked a lot about the structure of her jaw and where her teeth are lining up - which led to the broken bracket and the reason for the appt. We always look closely at their charts and models. She made small talk with another patient and her parent - she is so comfortable talking to people - really confident. She and I went to WalMart to get some more groceries. She picked out a lot of it.
We came home and started food in the crockpot - important since we're all driving all over the place in the evening tonight. She watched some Malcolm in the Middle reruns, did a little of her decimal book and went to cheerleading practice. After that, she IM'd and emailed with friends until...well, she's still online.

I read my weight watchers materials and caught up with a few people on the cell phone while I waited for Katie. Ron brought home tamales from work....and a chocolate cake. My diet is doomed.

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