Monday, January 14, 2008

Weighty Issues

Why does losing weight have to be so darned tough? Because I love food! I love it even when I'm not hungry. Thus the weight gain. Such a drag though. So here I sit, suspended somewhere on my yo-yo-diet string.... starting again.

I was never really overweight until I had children. With each child, I gained 40 lbs. but lost only 20. That is not a pretty site on the scale. The other day, I was at Alyssa's cheerleading practice. All the parents were buying T-shirts to wear to the competition. They had the tighter fitted T's for the moms and the lose boxy T's for the dads. Well, that's what the oh-so-old 30 year old behind the counter said. Anyway, this one lady beside me just had a baby a couple of months ago. She said she'd get the larger shirt because of the weight gain from the baby. Then she turned to me - the only gray haired lady in the room and said, "I can still use that excuse right? I can blame this weight gain on the baby?" I asked her how long ago did she have the baby. Her answer: 3 months. I told her that I'm still blaming my youngest daughter - and she's 13! I think you're safe."

Anyway. Funny. But not THAT funny.

So I've done a million diets: Nutrisystem (lost 40 lbs before Katie was born); Slimfast, Weight Watchers (lost 20 lbs), Metabolic Research Center (lost 60 lbs.) not to mention things like The Cabbage Soup diet, the Banana Diet, the no eating after 6 p.m. diet, and who knows how many other wacky diets I've tried.

The Metabolic diet was most recently - and it's the one I really lost the most on. I totally dedicated my life to it. I deprived myself and my family. And so when we moved, I started down the slippery slope of ....OK, we can all pull into Sonic for an OreoBlast. Then we were doing it more often, and I wanted to eat more. And, so I did.

Wow. It's depressing to not be able to fit into any clothing.
It's horrible to see how much I've gained when I look in the mirror.
And, I keep having these awful feelings that I'm going to die - that my heart just can't carry me around anymore.

So...because I have quite a few things I'd like to get done and/or see before I go, I'm starting this all up again. And who gets my $ and my attention this time? Weight Watchers. I went to the first meeting last week. Pflugerville didn't even have a WW meeting until this month - so I felt like it was a sign. that I didn't need to ignore. While I didn't stay "on program" all week, I did a little better than usual. Even with a road trip in there. And tomorrow I weigh in again. Maybe I'll just drink clear soups all day tomorrow!!!!

One thing I didn't do when I was on these diets is exercise. This time I'm adding a little exercise to my day. I joined Curves and go 3-4 times per week. I also bought an exercise bike to try to increase my aerobics. I thought about getting on that bike this weekend, but fell prey to a million distractions.

Maybe next week will go better. But the new journey has begun.

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